TLDR: Use structured data in the web will help you.

I'm a user of the grocery list service bring ( This app allows me to collaborate on a shopping list with my wife, add things to it via Google Assistant and some other neat features, but this post isn't about that. A killer feature for me is the automatic adding of recipes to my grocery list, which works most of the time. I was interested in making it possible for bring to parse a recipe I've written and curious why it wasn't working sometimes. That's when I learned about the existence of is a collaborative effort of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex to organize some data in a more standard way. Mostly for SEO BUT my grocery application is using it, too. The models provided by are usable for books, people, movies, recipes and many more. Just putting the definitions in your website makes it possible for every search engine robot to index your content in the easiest readable way. And there are even multiple ways to do so. One can use RDFa, Microdata and, if you fancy, JSON-LD.

So there's a best practice of presenting your recipe to the search engine and to my sweet, sweet bring app. I learned about this thing just yesterday and it was a hard way of finding my way there. Ever tried googling for "recipe html" or "cookbook html"? Even the pages which teach you how to write a recipe in html won't tell you about the way of structuring the data. Because yeah, that's SEO! So "SEO recipe" will bring you somewhat near your goal. Here's were you'll find all the Wordpress-SEO-gurus telling you stuff from how to set up your site to why you should absolutely buy their awesome Wordpress plugin "Recipe Maker Pro" or something like that. I don't want that. Nobody wants that. I just want to write down a recipe so bring can parse it on my non-Wordpress blog. For me the situation is really not that complicated, I can read the spec on und just write down the recipe. Heck, I could even code a small web form myself to do the trick. But people who are way more into cooking than tech probably won't figure this out. Which sucks, because it shouldn't be that way. They have to use the weird clunky Wordpress plugin, they won't find this cool website where you have a form providing you with the structured html based on your input.

That's enough of a rant. If you're a blogger or web developer, keep in mind to make your clients and employers happy.
Also shoutout again to for saving me of writing my own generator.